port is open in my droplet, blocked elsewhere

May 12, 2014 2.9k views
I'm trying to open up a port for minecraft (running on a server that shares a personal website that doesn't get much traffic) -- I've opened the port in the droplet but when I check the port from the web I can't reach it. I've googled to try and find out how to go about and resolve this on my own but the only thing I see is "open a ticket"
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Of course I tried one last thing before I was finished and fixed it.

I initially used the command line to add rules to iptables, then tried using UFW ... I used netstat and it indicated things were open and fine ... but I still had issues...

I disabled ufw
`ufw disable`

I then configured to open the port for the default firewall service (`iptables-persistent`) by editing /etc/iptables/rules.v4 adding the line (for default minecraft server)

`-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 25565 -j ACCEPT`

I reloaded the iptables service
`sudo service iptables-persistent restart`

and voilá.
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