Possible to install LAMP alongside one-click Discourse droplet?

Posted July 11, 2020 538 views
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Getting Discourse to work was proving incredibly difficult so I just opted for the one-click droplet for Discourse. Is it possible to install LAMP on the same droplet for the purposes of running an HTML or WordPress frontpage alongside Discourse?

If so, at what stage of the tutorials would I begin? Presumably installing Lamp?

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Hi, @orbitstorm88

You can install nginx on the same droplet in order to host a WordPress website as well. The software included in the one-click app is Docker so you can also install Nginx using docker on a separate container rather than installing it on the droplet directly, but this is totally up to you.

A similar question was asked before in our community but with the difference that the user wants to use Apache instead of Nginx:

One thing to keep in mind is that you should always backup your data and perhaps create a snapshot of the server before you install any additional software on top of the one-click app, because this can sometimes cause problems and you might need to restore your server from backup.

Hope that helps!


  • Thanks for the response, @alexdo.

    I’d prefer to stick with Apache mostly because I’m still very much new to self-managed VPS and Apache has an exponentially larger knowledge base (it’s likely easier too). I was able to follow all of the new-server tutorials plus the LAMP tutorial and had an active website ready in no time at all. Super easy.

    I’ve already seen the thread you linked to and the tutorial provided in response to it is, unfortunately, quite inaccurate. Most of the steps are out of order and the configurations for VirtualHosts, per the community at Discourse, are wrong.

    For the most part, the tutorial went smoothly until completion where Discourse simply didn’t load. I have Discourse installed as a subdomain ( but when navigating there, it just showed my frontpage instead and a broken SSL certificate. Speaking of SSL, the tutorial also doesn’t show a proper way to make that work for Discourse.

    I’ve already tried finding tutorials over at Discourse but the two tutorials everyone links to are dated from several years ago when their config files were much different and those tutorials use CentOS and Nginx rather than Ubuntu and Apache as I do.