Postfix can't send mails externally

August 11, 2017 2.2k views
Email LEMP Ubuntu 16.04


I installed with problems sending email externally already tried several posts related to this and I am not able to make it work.... on my mail queue mails get pending and gets timout

D80E8C196E     5358 Fri Aug 11 09:59:24  sender
(connect to[]:25: Connection timed out)

I had checked by changing the smtp port … But after changing there was no mail on the queue and no mail sended to the destination.

please help me


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jcolyer August 11, 2017
Accepted Answer

Hey there,

Couple different issues could be occurring there. For one, the SMTP port might be blocked on our end. A quick ticket to our support team can confirm this for you and work with you if it is.

Another problem could be the droplet itself. To be sure, you’d want to ensure nothing in the firewall is blocking port 25 (or 26 or 587) outbound. You can usually do this using iptables -vnL

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