Postfix-dovecot-dspam-sieve-clamav-roundcube using MYSQL

May 30, 2014 4.6k views
I have very good understanding on postfix however, I am having hard time finding a GOOD working and up to dated procedure using latest versions of these services listed. Does anyone have or know any links that have EXCELLENT procedure on setting up his mail server using Postfix, dovecot, dspam, postgrey, clamav, and roundcube.. Mysql would be used for sasl via dovecot and use for roundcube. I am struggling to get this set up working.. I am using Ubuntu 14.04. Thanks!
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Also, is there any ebook for Dovecot and others? I have couple good postfix ebook which helps me alot.

I too, am looking for something like this! I have spent the last four days “fixing” my email after I introduced dspam into the equation.

I currently creating an Ansible playbook with: Postfix, Vimbadmin, Roundcube, Dovecot, Dspam, Sieve, Dkim, SSL, Memcached, Nginx, PHP-FPM. With postfix and dspam using mysql.

If things are stable I’ll put this playbook on github.

I’m currently playing with dspam.

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