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October 4, 2013 2.9k views
I moved a site from a webhosting provider realizing I could get full server access here for less $$$!!! I moved over most of my mail but have aliases over there also... My email address there is admin@domain1.net and my email account on my droplet is postmaster@domain2.tk. As a test, I am trying to get emails to admin@domain2.tk to go to my inbox at postmaster@domain2.tk How can I do this? I tried editing /etc/postfix/aliases (and running newaliases), /etc/postfix/generic, and /etc/postfix/virtual
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Does your email client @domain1.net have an export feature?
Not that I am aware of, I added both both the source and destination IMAP accounts in my client and dragged my folders/messages over while holding CTRL (Otherwise I think it would default to move) to copy them to the other server and so my messages are there but the aliases were set using their control panel, so I need to figure out how to do the same thing in Postfix.
What email client were you using?

Does @domain1.net provide POP access?
Yes it does, but I already got my emails transferred using IMAP.
"As a test, I am trying to get emails to admin@domain2.tk to go to my inbox at postmaster@domain2.tk"

I'm no expert, but doesn't Postfix send as opposed to receive & route mail to the appropriate mailbox? You should probably be looking at either Cyrus or Dovecot, instead.
I have Dovecot, I could consider doing it there, but if Postfix doesn't do this, when why are those files there?
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