postfix/smtp Connection timed out

February 5, 2016 10k views

Hello, I’m really frustrated.

I have a site running in a Centos 7 using php5.6, php-fpm and percona…

For some reason I can’t send emails from this server. I have another site running in a another server with same specs and it works without any problem.

Now I’m testing using the most basic command I know:

echo "My message" | /usr/sbin/sendmail

and when I check the maillog I see:

Feb  5 14:17:52 stilo postfix/pickup[8508]: 8FB533FDAE: uid=0 from=<root>
Feb  5 14:17:52 stilo postfix/cleanup[32174]: 8FB533FDAE: message-id=<20160205191752.8FB533FDAE@stilo.localdomain>
Feb  5 14:17:52 stilo postfix/qmgr[8509]: 8FB533FDAE: from=<root@stilo.localdomain>, size=267, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Feb  5 14:18:22 stilo postfix/smtp[32176]: connect to[]:25: Connection timed out

I have tested it sending to different email providers and I got the same error.

I have check my /etc/postfix/ side by side with the other server and they have the same configs.

Any clue of what could be wrong???

  • Is the site that works using a FQDN or is it also using “localdomain”?

  • The site has a domain, but it didn’t worked before any domain pointed too.
    The other server (the one that works) don’t have any domain configured yet.

  • @danielmiclos - So you used ‘postconf -n’ on both machines and did a diff with no significant difference?

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