postgres server error 500

February 2, 2017 3.3k views
PostgreSQL Nginx Django Ubuntu 16.04

I’m using django 1.9, gunicorn, nginx and postgres as database for my website. My site is up and running but when i try to login as admin or user i get server error 500 on webpage and on terminal i get “is the server running on host and accepting tcp/ip connections on port 5432”.

I thought there might be a problem in postgres.conf and pghba.conf. But there are 2 host all for IPv4 and one for IPv6 in pghba.conf.

I can’t figure out how to edit pg_hba.conf. Please use above’s IP to explain.

One more thing will it solve the problem or i might need to do something else?

1 Answer

Did you createsuperuser?
Is the dbuser specified in your settings in /etc/postgresql/9.X/main/pg_hba.conf?
If so and if server is local to django, try setting password to nothing in settings and the user like this: local databasename databaseuser trust in pg_hba.
Reload postgres service postgresql restart and gunicorn service gunicorn restart

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