Pricing is freakin mad! Do something with them ASAP!

Posted August 12, 2014 11.4k views

The only thing that stops me from paying more than $5 monthly is pricing madness.
What sane marketing do: more dollars you pay = more value you get per dollar.
DO marketing do this: more dollars you pay = we care less.
Really, wtf is this madness is all about?

Why the hell I can buy 160GB SSD + 8 Cores + 8TB Transfer + 4GB RAM for $40 (8 times $5) but if I want to buy it all as single thing Ill get only half of SSD and Transfer and quarter of cores? This whole thing just screams at me: “you should never buy any VPS except $5 one, they all just progressively megasuperantiadvantageous!”

Where in da bloody hell is advantage of paying higher price?
Which mushrooms do your marketing managers smoke?

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Totally understand that feeling, and if you want to distribute your infrastructure over a number of droplets to take advantage of the pricing structure that’s fine. Our pricing structure is aimed at simplicity, and it has been working well so far. We believe that it’s fair especially considering things like our $0.02 cents per GB for transfer overages is one of the lowest in the industry.

Thanks for the feedback.

  • if you want to distribute your infrastructure over a number of droplets to take advantage of the pricing structure that’s fine

    I want to distribute sane into marketing.

    Our pricing structure is aimed at simplicity

    No its not. Its clear for me its aimed for tricking dismath people.

    $0.02 cents per GB for transfer overages is one of the lowest in the industry

    No its not. Its about twenty times higher than and price and even four times higher than DigitalOcean price.

    For $5 you sell 1000GB of bandwidth with monthly rent for 1 core, 20GB SSD storage and 512MB RAM yet just extra 1000GB is $20?

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Um digital oceans prices are lower than other hosting companies out there

  • No its not.
    And I dont seek cheapness.
    I do seek sanity.
    Why whould anyone ever consider $80 VDS while you can get four times more capable dedicated server for this price? Not just any dedicated server but brand Dell one with new Xeon CPU and 32GB of ECC RAM and fast SSD RAID (yup, way faster than DO offers).
    Should I post link so everybody can go away or there is way to get sanity in DO marketing?

    • your thread here made me waste my time and life.. just useless! you are so worried about the costs because you are simply not getting any return over all your sites or servers. as in, you’re not making money = only complaining.

I for one, am quite happy with the way things are at DO, and I am probably not the only happy customer here. Simple pricing, good performance, instant and competent support. I am somewhat impressed by the tolerant reply to your first post by DO.

I would rather ask, what mushrooms you have been smoking to come up with a rant like this. Perhaps you should consider valium or a laxative instead. Then rather than post this link you are on about, click it yourself and go away to get your ‘sanity’ marketing.

  • Hey Chris! Glad you’re happy with our pricing. Thanks for sticking up for us. goury has been pretty rude in this thread, but there’s no need to get personal. We’ve got thick skin. =)

Andrew, you are right… sorry. I was going to stop at the 1st paragraph.
The rest was just feeding the troll. I shall refrain in the future O:)

  • Actually, as a new and neutral customer, i don’t see any particular “rudeness” in goury’s questions. They seems perfectly logical, if a bit straightforward. And i don’t see any answers for them from DO representative, except “we have this price structure for simplicity of use”.

    I came in this thread by the link from Google, asking for “hetzner vs digitalocean”. I wondered, why the prices are way so much lower than DO?

    For about 67$ i can get 480 Gb SSD, 32 Gb RAM, 100 Gb for backups, 30 Gb traffic - try to compare it with DO prices and you see that they are way higher.

    I see only one reason to use DO at the moment - to stay on the cheap plans. Am i wrong? Can anyone explain to me, why in the world i would pay 40$ for 4 Tb transfer and 4 Gb memory (or 80$ for 5 Tb transfer and 8 Gb memory), if for 70$ i can get 6-7.5 times higher transfer and 4-8 times higher RAM?

    • Well,I have tried Contabo and they are really cheap like 6.99 dollars for 2 cores and 6 GB memory and 500 GB HDD..they are perfect for archiving stuff
      however…their DNS servers are not working for my 7 matter what configuration I made in easy apache 4 or if I choose cgi over suphp in cpanel…
      and not matter what version of PHP I am trying
      lunanode same issue…3 out of 7 websites working,they are really cheap…not as cheap as contabo though

      Once you go very sophisticated with multi php versions for my 55 subdomains and 7 main domains,I wish to use a reputable provider like digital ocean or rackspace or amazon
      Yes,they are very expensive and you pay mostly for the fact that the transition to the DNS servers happens in a few hours instead of a few days of waiting,trying,waiting again…
      I lost the timeframe between 23rd of november 2016 and 8th of december 2016 when my 7 websites were down for this simple reason

      But yes,they have issues:Rackspace has bad servers and good support,Softlayer servers are slow,Azure servers are …fast as a crazy snail :))) and so on
      Vultur has bad support and get money from my pocket at unsuspecting times:)))
      so no I have not tried Hetzner yet,many people recommend it
      I could get a dedicated server with 2*512 GB SSDs for the same 65 dollars per month that I pay here…
      but are their DNS servers working?