Pricing on hosting of Digital Ocean

August 26, 2016 2.3k views

1) What will be price difference when opted for public cloud servers
2) Will all the configuration be managed by Us or you will provide support for setting up infrastructure? We are building our application in LAMP stack and mobile
3) Will you be providing the Disaster recovery in your infra setup? Or on public cloud?
4) Attached is setup we are looking for to be setup on cloud. Please let us know pricing for the same
5) Do you provide database replication support on RDS or database servers?
6) What kind of servers you suggest for traffic of 500k initially and upto 1M users as we scale
7) What kind of backup facilities are inbuilt in your package for the Public cloud?

1 Answer

Thanks for reaching out. A few of your questions are not very clear and this community forum does not support attachments so I am not sure what document you are referring to. I would recommend reaching out to our sales team via the form here with the complete details and they can assist you further.

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