Privacy protection and Prism

June 11, 2013 3.4k views
In light of recent revelations regarding the participation by major tech/telecom firms in the U.S. government's vast and warrant-less surveillance of citizens I must ask to what extent, *if any*, does DigitalOcean or it's subsidiaries participate in or allow warrant-less access to user data including email by this (U.S.) or other governments? I know that DigitalOcean values it's customer's privacy and seems to have an adequate Privacy Policy in place. However, to be fair, so did Google, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, and the many other companies who are now under scrutiny. Thanks
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We do not monitor customer servers or data which is detailed in our Privacy-Policy which can be found below:

Given the recent news we felt it was important to address this issue specifically and so we've updated the privacy policy which now explicitly states that we only comply with government requests when they are accompanied by a search warrant or a subpoena which has been how we've operated from day one.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure they are compliant within the laws of their territories as well as those from which DigitalOcean operates.

If there is any further clarification we can provide please let us know.
i am from uk. which law applies to my data, being that you are usa, and my data is hosted on eu server. am i protected by eu law or subject to us data harbor law?
Since we're a US company, we adhere to both US Safe Harbor laws (DMCA, etc) and EU laws
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