Private communication between a external droplet and a pod in k8 cluster

August 25, 2019 172 views
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I am trying to figure out a means to have a private communication between a pod in k8 cluster and an external droplet in the same data centre from same account.

I know i can expose a loadbalancer/nodeport service from the pod and get access but i want a private networking between these and totally avoid public access.

Any insights are appreciated.


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Hi there!

Unfortunately, DOKS NodePort services only bind to the nodes public interface at this time. One option to control access is to use and ingress controller such as nginx( , and then configure ingress rules using ingress objects(

By using this you can setup a whitelist on the ingress controller and whitelist your external droplet’s IP:

This would allow you to expose that service publicly but only allow one IP to actually contact your service.


John Kwiatkoski
Senior Developer Support Engineer

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