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  1. Built a base image via packer.
  2. This base image is used to set up my infrastructure (via ansilbe)
  3. Terraform sets privatenetworking <> variable to true


  1. why do are these droplets (configured via terraform) assigned a public ip?
  2. why is their public ip reachable on the internet
1 Answer
  1. Droplets always have public ip, they can have private ip if u choose to have private networking on.
  2. you can always set firewall rules to deny public ip .
  • Thanks for the response.

    I know that DO does not implement VPC (at least not that I can see from the docs I have looked through). But coming from AWS, I find that the idea of a private network tied to private subnet is entrenched in my mental mode of understanding. And instances launched in private subnets do not have public ips.

    I guess what threw me off is the word - private - and thus ended up mixing up private subnets and private networks.

    since I am using ansible, I create a template that removes eth0 entry from /etc/network/interfaces from the droplets that need to be private.

    • you can always do sudo ifdown eth0
      and then sudo sytemctl restart networking.
      throwing eth0 form networking is not good idea :)

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