Problem in sending mail from vestacp

November 7, 2018 975 views

Hi Community,

I have configured vestcp on centos 7.5. I have a website
I’m not able to send any email, but I have no issue receiving email.

I have followed the solution provided in the below link

but still I have issue sending mails. Can any one please help me on this. Any thing wrong in the setup?

I get a bounce back mail. Have attached screenshot below

I am not sure if port 25 is blocked by digitalocean

can any one let me know what exactly is the issue. That would be great.


1 Answer

Hey friend!

You can open a ticket with our support team to see if SMTP might be blocked on your account. However, as a courtesy while I have a moment to do so, I’ve gone ahead and removed that restriction on your account.

(Note to any reader that a ticket is the proper path, I may be unable to take any requests to personally do this)


  • Hey Jarland,

    Thanks for the support. I was not sure what was happening.
    Thanks. Now things are working as expected.

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