Problem installing ImageMagick /Imagick!

Posted August 10, 2013 11.1k views
Hi, I have installed centos/virtualmin everything is running fine. I have installed ImageMagick according to the following link "" I am able to see the extension through php -m | grep imagick command but not able to see any installation of the same in phpinfo(); Any clues would be helpful.... thanks

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Perhaps a tip, if you install this in ubuntu:

  1. imagick commandline version
    apt-get install imagemagick

  2. imagick php extention
    sudo apt-get install php5-imagick

  3. restart apache
    service apache2 restart

and you’re done.

Try restarting apache, does that fix it?
I have restarted several times but no success !!
What are the values of these rows in the first phpinfo() table?

- Configuration File (php.ini) Path
- Scan this dir for additional .ini files
- additional .ini files parsed
Configuration File (php.ini) Path /etc

Scan this dir for additional .ini files /etc/php.d

Additional .ini files parsed /etc/php.d/curl.ini, /etc/php.d/dom.ini, /etc/php.d/fileinfo.ini, /etc/php.d/gd.ini, /etc/php.d/imagick.ini, /etc/php.d/imap.ini, /etc/php.d/json.ini, /etc/php.d/mbstring.ini, /etc/php.d/mcrypt.ini, /etc/php.d/mysql.ini, /etc/php.d/mysqli.ini, /etc/php.d/odbc.ini, /etc/php.d/pdo.ini, /etc/php.d/pdo_mysql.ini, /etc/php.d/pdo_odbc.ini, /etc/php.d/pdo_pgsql.ini, /etc/php.d/pdo_sqlite.ini, /etc/php.d/pgsql.ini, /etc/php.d/phar.ini, /etc/php.d/snmp.ini, /etc/php.d/sqlite3.ini, /etc/php.d/wddx.ini, /etc/php.d/xmlreader.ini, /etc/php.d/xmlrpc.ini, /etc/php.d/xmlwriter.ini, /etc/php.d/xsl.ini, /etc/php.d/zip.ini

Thanks for the help
Thanks. What's the output of the following command?

grep -i 'imagick' /etc/php.ini
@Kamal the output is >>
I think it is installed but the imagick properties are not being showed in phpinfo(); and my php script for resize etc are not working, though the script is working fine on my local machine.

Thanks for the help
@hypertextsol: it might not be loaded properly, try running the following command, do you see any errors?

php -r "echo 'test';"
I tried running full command php -r "echo 'test';" what it does is the test word is prefixed to the prompt ====> test[abc@as~]
@hypertextsol: Hmm, weird. It's apparently loading the extension properly. I don't know what else might be causing it. Try asking in ##php on freenode:
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