Problem mounting Spaces bucket with s3fs

November 20, 2018 725 views
Object Storage

I have successfully mounted a Spaces bucket with the tool s3fs, but it seems that I can’t get any attributes correctly.
For instance, I only have folders in the bucket top level I mount, and they appear like this in a terminal:

----------    1 root  wheel     0 30 Oct 09:08 folder1

I can’t find a way to get the proper file attributes and get into folders to list files.
Tried both from Macos and Linux and got exact same result.

Debug mode on s3fs indicates nothing wrong afaik:

[INF]       curl.cpp:RequestPerform(1940): HTTP response code 200
[INF]       cache.cpp:AddStat(356): add stat cache entry[path=/folder1/]
[INF] s3fs.cpp:s3fs_getattr(812): [path=/]
[INF] s3fs.cpp:s3fs_getattr(812): [path=/folder1]
2 Answers

hi there, did you ever fix this? i have the same problem and having difficulty finding an answer.

Just use yas3fs, newer fork, works well

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