[Problem]:Nginx Reverse Proxy ,Apache , Wordpress , HTTPS

November 6, 2014 4k views

I’m having a problem (aka. lack of knowledge)
I have Nginx as reverse proxy and Apache installed with wordpress
When I load a HTTPS page , some content loads as http .
What should i do to load all the content as https when I request an https page?

1 Answer

This is not nginx or even apache problem, is the code on your website, check all links and css, js files are being called using relative paths ie: /css/style.css (on your site code/php/html, not on the output you receive in your browser as this one will always be show as full path).

Also if you are calling external resources like js use //host.com/resource.js instead of http://host.com/resource.js so your site call it https or http when requested by the browser.

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