Problem Updating Redmine to 3.2.0

I am trying to upgrade my Redmine 3.0.7 that was installed from the oneclick install to the newest stable version, 3.2.0. However, when I try to run svn update, it says it is updated, but doesn’t show as updated in the info on the site. I tried to follow the information here:

You can checkout the latest stable source with one of the following commands:


svn co redmine-3.2 It will create a directory named redmine-3.2 and you’ll be able to update your Redmine copy using svn update in this directory.

But it didn’t work. Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks for checking on it! What I have is an older version because I started my droplet a few months ago. I used the prebuild one click image still but it must have been an older version, however now that I try and update it using svn update, it updates to the newest revision, but not the newest version of Redmine. I am thinking that it must be some svn setting but I’m not sure. Thank you for your help so far!

To test this I just spun up a Redmine server using the one-click image. Looking over our scripts used to generate the image indicates that it should be the 3.2-stable version that is installed:

svn co /srv/redmine

Running svn update from the /srv/redmine directory resulted in the output below which indicates that the stable install has been updated to a newer revision.

root@rm-test:/srv/redmine# svn update
Updating '.':
U    test/unit/changeset_test.rb
U    test/unit/search_test.rb
U    test/unit/project_test.rb
U    test/unit/lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/textile_formatter_test.rb
U    test/unit/group_test.rb
U    test/test_helper.rb
U    test/functional/issues_controller_test.rb
U    test/functional/queries_controller_test.rb
U    test/functional/admin_controller_test.rb
U    test/functional/account_controller_test.rb
U    test/functional/journals_controller_test.rb
U    test/functional/projects_controller_test.rb
U    test/functional/timelog_controller_test.rb
U    test/functional/wiki_controller_test.rb
U    test/integration/routing/admin_test.rb
U    test/integration/api_test/issues_test.rb
U    test/object_helpers.rb
U    .hgignore
U    app/helpers/application_helper.rb
U    app/models/time_entry.rb
U    app/models/query.rb
U    app/models/mail_handler.rb
U    app/models/issue.rb
U    app/models/group.rb
U    app/models/changeset.rb
U    app/models/project.rb
U    app/controllers/queries_controller.rb
U    app/controllers/application_controller.rb
U    app/controllers/wiki_controller.rb
U    app/views/journals/index.builder
U    app/views/layouts/base.html.erb
U    app/views/settings/_notifications.html.erb
U    app/views/timelog/_form.html.erb
U    app/views/issues/show.api.rsb
U    app/views/queries/_form.html.erb
U    extra/svn/
U    doc/INSTALL
U    config/locales/zh.yml
U    config/locales/pt.yml
U    config/locales/tr.yml
U    config/locales/ru.yml
U    config/locales/cs.yml
U    config/locales/ja.yml
U    config/locales/pl.yml
U    config/routes.rb
 U   config
A    appveyor.yml
U    .gitignore
U    lib/redmine/export/pdf.rb
U    lib/redmine/search.rb
U    lib/redmine/version.rb
U    lib/redcloth3.rb
G    Gemfile
U    public/help/ja/wiki_syntax_detailed.html
U    public/help/cs/wiki_syntax_detailed.html
U    public/help/cs/wiki_syntax.html
D    public/javascripts/jquery-1.11.1-ui-1.11.0-ujs-3.1.1.js
U    public/javascripts/application.js
A    public/javascripts/jquery-1.11.1-ui-1.11.0-ujs-3.1.4.js
 U   .
Updated to revision 15164.

On your droplet what output are you seeing when you attempt to update?

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Hi @Nickthegoatboy!

In order to upgrade to a newer version of Redmine, specifically 3.2, you will need to switch to the 3.2-stable SVN branch and then perform the upgrade.

First off, I would recommend taking a snapshot of your Droplet so that you have a working state that you can restore in case anything goes wrong with the upgrade. If you can’t power off your Droplet to take a snapshot, you can back up the files and settings manually. All uploaded files should be stored in /srv/redmine/files. The database can be backed up by running the following command:

mysqldump -u root redmine | gzip > ~/redmine_db_backup.sql.gz

Then, switch to the newer SVN branch:

cd /srv/redmine
svn switch ^/branches/3.2-stable

Make sure all the requires gems are installed and up-to-date:

bundle update

Next, you’ll want to upgrade the database as well so that any changes in the database structure are applied to your existing database:

bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

Finally, clear the cache and restart Passenger. This will log out all users.

bundle exec rake tmp:cache:clear tmp:sessions:clear RAILS_ENV=production
touch tmp/restart.txt

You might also want to check out the Admin -> Roles & permissions page for any new permissions.

Let me know if you have any issues. I’ve just tested it on a Droplet and everything went fine - so I’m hoping that everything will go smoothly for you as well.

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