Problem when change theme on my Ghost blog

October 27, 2014 2.2k views

Hello everyone,

I have a problem on my droplet on Digitalocean, this is when I uploaded my themes for my Ghost blog then I cycle my droplet and I change my theme and recycle again: It appeared as a blank page (I tried it many times but it has same result). Here is link to my blog:

But when I turn my theme to default it seem okay!

And I noticed this problem is here:

Could you please help me to solve this problem!

Thank you a lot!

2 Answers

The second image shows that node is listening on You might have an upstart or similar script that starts up Ghost after system boot.

There is not enough information to know the cause of the blank page. The upstart script might be launching it from the wrong directory or it could be a file permission issue since you uploaded files.

Can you check the logs about errors and the permissions on the uploaded files and the upstart script if you have one?

Hello Redcancode,

Thank you for supporting me so much. I really appreciate about this!

Have a great day!

Chau Giang

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