Problem with download file from DO Spaces in browser

October 26, 2017 1.7k views

When I upload a file in a browser, I have an error - Error: Forbidden.
When a file is uploaded to the instance with s3cmd no such problem.

4 Answers

And are the files set to be publicly readable?

No, its private.
Some time ago I downloaded files from the browser

Who can help me with this problem?


I have the same problem.

  • have a folder in the DO-S3-space
  • I have uploaded files using python/S3FileSystem
  • I can access all the files from python/S3FileSystem
  • I can access only a random selection of the files using my browser on

My account on the browser should be the master who has full privileges. It was through that same browser UI I created the credentials with witch the python code can successfully fetch the files.

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