problem with internet connection in fresh created VPS's

November 2, 2019 197 views

Hi guys.
in my last server, I used virtualizor ~v3.0 and there is a little problem.
when I create a new VPS the network configuration like IP and Gateway didn’t set automatically and I have to set them with VNC to fix the VPS network problem.
now I working on a project to create/manage VPS’s on my servers using virtualizor API and I looking for a way to set IP and GateWay on new VPS’s but this new VPS’s haven’t any internet connection except VNC, I try to get IP and GateWay in VPS first boot from my projects API and set them in network configuration but I don’t know how to do it in this situation.
I used virtualizor in VDS and centos 6 in my custom VPS template

please help me to fix this problem

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