problem with php5-fpm on Nginx

January 27, 2014 23.1k views
I have php5-fpm running with nginx. Here's my problem with php5-fpm: If I try to reload/stop the daemon, I get a "reload: unknown instance" or "stop: unknown instance." But there's a php5-fpm init script. If I try to restart it, I get:
stop: Unknown instance: 
php5-fpm start/running, process 12915
Trying to start it just gives "php5-fpm start/running, process 13011." The output of "ps aux | grep -i php5-fpm" shows nothing, but "ps aux | grep -i php-fpm" shows three php-fpm processes running. Does anybody know why php5-fpm is respondsing in this fashion?
  • Hi At some case reboot wont fix the issue at that time modify the init script which is located in /etc directory.

    This is a bug in the upstart init script in ubuntu package

    To solve easy you must to modify the /etc/init/php5-fpm.conf and edit

    reload signal USR2


    reload signal USR2

    Al the best.....

  • To solve easy you must to modify the /etc/init/php5-fpm.conf and edit
    reload signal USR2
    reload signal USR2

    What exactly are you changing?

  • @akehat your solution fixed my problem

  • @akehat it seems, he uncommented that line!

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That means it's crashing or failing to start. Try rebooting your droplet—does that fix it?

If not, how did you install php5-fpm and what OS are you using?
Installed the OS from the DO dashboard, and, no, I have not rebooted yet. Will do that later tonight.
I meant to ask how you installed php5-fpm, not the OS itself.
Ok, rebooting seems to have fixed whatever the problem was.


This problem reappeared in the 5.6.1 packages for wheezy.

Commenting out the
reload signal USR2
line in /etc/init/php5-fpm.conf fixes the problem.

Or you can copy php5-fpm.conf to php5-fpm.override without this line and prevent this issue next time.

I have a GitHub repo to fix it for Ubuntu -

Some work needed on /etc/init.d/php5-fpm && /etc/php5/fpm/php-fpm.conf. All is written there. It is for Ubuntu 13, 14 etc. You possibly need a bit modification.

The problem has reappeared on Nov 2014, hence this fix. Editing only /etc/php5/fpm/php-fpm.conf (or creating php5-fpm.override) will not radically fix it now.
It is marked as known bug now.

OP’s OS is not latest Debian for sure.

It worked for me !
root@prod:/etc/nginx/sites-available# service php5-fpm restart
stop: Unknown instance:
php5-fpm start/running, process 11948
root@prod:/etc/nginx/sites-available# vim /etc/init/php5-fpm.conf

uncomment that line
root@prod:/etc/nginx/sites-available# service php5-fpm restart
php5-fpm stop/waiting
php5-fpm start/running, process 11967

Many Thanks ! :D

Vishal Arora

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