Problem with postfix

June 21, 2013 2.8k views
I want to make postfix foward the emails that came to (everything) and send to my Gmail account. I'm following this tutorial: After following all the steps I can't get things to work. Here a screenshot of the SMTP error by MX Toolbox: I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 x64
4 Answers
If you're going to forward all emails, why not just use google apps for mail directly?
How do you use google apps without having to buy google apps? You have to forward to a free gmail account if you don't want to pay. I have a similar thing set up on my CentOS box, took me a long time to get it working and I have no idea how I did it!
Oh, and has free email for domains, might be easier. ;)
Oh, they must have changed it. There used to be a free google apps plan for 1 user. is another alternative. :]
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