à l'étape 9 j'ai un problème il ne créer pas mon fichier client1.ovpn

je reçois ceci :

~/client-configs$ sudo ./ client1
./make line 9: /root/client-configs/files/client1.ovpn: No such file or directory

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Hello, @cdevl3749

Could you please link the exact tutorial that you’re following so I can have a look as well?

Also you can make sure that you’re executing the command from the correct directory, looking at the error message the file you’re trying to execute does not exist or at least is missing in the current directory.

You can double check you’re in the correct directory and also see if the file is existing in any other sub or main directory.

Did you created the script and client-configs directory as the root user? What is the output of

ls -lR /root/client-configs

That command will recursively list the contents of the directory.

You should have output that resembles the following:

sammy@ubuntu-2004-vpn:~/client-configs$ ls -lR

total 16
-rwx------ 1 sammy sammy 1109 May 28 05:43 base.conf
drwx------ 2 sammy sammy 4096 May 28 05:35 files
drwx------ 2 sammy sammy 4096 May 28 05:42 keys
-rwx------ 1 sammy sammy  467 May 28 05:35

total 8
-rwx------ 1 sammy sammy 5948 May 28 05:42 client1.ovpn

total 16
-rw------- 1 sammy sammy 1204 May 28 05:41 ca.crt
-rw-rw-r-- 1 sammy sammy 2340 May 28 05:42 client1.crt
-rw------- 1 sammy sammy 1704 May 28 05:40 client1.key
-rw------- 1 sammy sammy  636 May 28 05:42 ta.key

If the script is owned by root you will need to change the ownership using chown

e.g - sudo chown -R user.user ~/client-configs

Let me know how it goes.


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