Problems with activating account. "You already have an outstanding verification ticket"

September 4, 2014 3.4k views

I originally had an account under a credit card that was not under my name. (It was a family members), but the account was labeled suspicious, and despite the fact that I responded with the information they asked for, the account was never properly activated to allow droplet creation. I created a new account with a credit card under my own name this time to avoid that whole debacle, and now I am receiving the same error "You already have an outstanding verification ticket", and a lack of a response. I've heard great things about this web hosting service and would love to try it out, but if I am not going to be able to get an account up soon then I am going to have to use an alternative service. I really hope this can be cleared on my account, thank you.

  • Same problem, but the reason is, as I guess, that I haven't used my account for a long period of time. For now it seems to be frozen and there's no answer to the ticket "Automated Account Verification Request", which is opened around 4 hours ago. I've read a lot about how fast this support is, but I'm not experiencing it myself as well as I can't experience the services and use my referral credit.

  • i cannot create my droplet, i already pay $25 , oh my good... because verification isues, i hope they will quickly respond it

1 Answer

Looks like the team got you all squared away.

We received a lot of fraudulent sign ups, and in order to rein them in certain things will automatically trigger the account verification process. Our team strives to answer and resolve all tickets as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take longer than we'd hope. Please try to provide all the need information so that the process can proceed quickly. Thanks for your patience!

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