Problems with DNS after pointing domain to different droplet.

Posted February 21, 2019 934 views
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Hi! I think I might have done something stupid, and now I don’t know how to fix the situation. I had a domain - - pointing to a Droplet with temporary www page. When I started building the target website I deleted this droplet, and created another one, and pointed domain to the new droplet. And now I have problems with what I believe is DNS-related. It seems that it didn’t propagate well. When I check with dnschecker it seems like google servers don’t see the A record for domain. And also - with some Internet providers I see the new web page, and with others there is Server Not Found message. Can anyone help me with solving this problem?

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Hey friend,

I think you’ll just need to wait it out. I queried the parent TLD and it returns ns1 and ns2 from our nameservers, and I queried both NS servers and received the IP. I queried Google and received no record. Sounds like DNS propagation to me. Anything but .com, .net, and .org always seem to take longer in my experience. The rule of thumb is 48 hours. It’s a pretty specific scenario that you have to wait 48 hours for, but it’s the rule because it covers all bases.


Hey Jarland! Thanks for prompt reply! I just need to state, that I’m waiting much longer than 48 hours and nothing changed so far. Today I added wildcard * to my A records, and also tried one hack that I found here: to point nameserver to OpenDNS servers but it seems like an old hack, that I don’t even fully understand. Nevertheless, after few hours I can say it didn’t do anything.

  • Edit: Don’t try this, read my next comment.

    Try deleting the domain from your cloud control panel with us, then adding it back. The purpose of this is to force a new serial number. It’s worth a shot. My second instinct is that our nameservers are broken, and that can’t be as I recall the last time that happened, I still have nightmares about it some days.

  • Actually I just realized something. You have DNSSEC enabled at the registrar it looks like. Disable that and you should be good. It’ll take a while though.

    jarlands-imac:~ jarlanddonnell$ dig DS +short
    3245 13 1 F5BF121D2FA07248FC06EAFE8A409A16EB23F5CA

Thank you @jarland I will do that as soon as I will get access to registrar, as it’s not my account. Will let you know right away, thanks for your help!

@jarland resolved with registrar - thanks a million for great catch with DNSSEC!