Problems with sending email to Verizon - won't add me to whitelist?

October 4, 2015 7.4k views

Has anyone run into this situation and might have advice? I've recently found that I cannot send mail to addresses from my DO droplet. I filled out their form asking them to whitelist my system, but they denied it with the claim:

"Your IP has been blocked because of spam issues or because your ISP indicates that it is dynamically assigned

No Reverse Hostname associated with your IP address."

I do have reverse DNS, and as far as I know my IP with DO should be static. How can I convince Verizon of this?

Thanks much.

  • For what it's worth I also ran into this problem starting yesterday morning, filled out the form and was denied for the same reasons. My rDNS has been setup for years and I've been sending emails to my customer's Verizon email addresses for years on this same Droplet. I have asked one of my customer's to fill out the customer version of the form to see if that may help but I don't know if they have yet as my emails continue to be blocked. My droplet is in SFO1. Perhaps this block by Verizon is bigger than just our droplets.

    Wish I could help you but I'm looking for the same answers as well.

  • Also having this issue for about a week now. Tried replying back lettign them know it's not dynamic and never got a response back. Just opened up a D.O. ticket about it.

  • same problem.

  • I have the same issue. Did anyone get anywhere with this? All of my droplets have this problem. The response I got from Verizon was: We do apologize. Our team has informed us the requested has been denied. " We recommend that you contact your hosting provider regarding the massive volume of wide-spread spam attacks originating from your/their IP space. All email from their hosting provider has been blocked at this time in order to protect our customers' inboxes, our service, servers, and infrastructure."

  • I received a prompt response from DO support but unfortunately it wasn't helpful and left me with no confidence that DO was going to do anything about their IP block reputation. I made the immediate decision to pull my server over to Linode that same day as I couldn't wait for all my backed up emails to get moving and already have several other email servers running with them that have never encountered a blacklist problem that wasn't my own to resolve.

  • I didn't get anywhere. I did open a DO ticket but they did not help (not that I really expected them to). For me at least, sending email to Verizon isn't a make or break situation so I'm just going to not worry about it too much.

  • Same thing here. Started on 10/21 for me and I've been sending for over a year without problems. No spam. Decided to start sending through as the least disruptive alternative. This is/was is a huge impact.

  • Adding a "me too". I am currently in a fairly heated exchange with Verizon tech support. I've got a real nice situation here with DO, but this IS a deal breaker for me if VZ and DO can't get past this pissing contest.

  • I thought I was making progress when I finally got Verizon to open a ticket about this (had to go to their customer support forums). Unfortunately, after a few days of waiting they flat out turned me down, saying DO's reputation is too bad or something like that.

    I wish someone with both companies would work to resolve this. It's not a 100% deal breaker for me and I don't really want to move my hosting, but I might.

  • I have 4 droplets, in SFO, NYC & TOR. All are blocked by Verizon. Several tickets with Verizon requesting removal of the block have been refused. I'm currently relaying verizon email to another non-DO server as a workaround.

  • I've been getting the blocked verizon messages for about a month now. I too had heated discussions with verizon - As a verizon residential customer I've tried whitelisting as member and ISP. Only responses I get back are that they deny my request. This is totally unsat as I've got customers I can't reach now... Not sure what to do other than find another hosting company.

  • Same thing just happened to me, but Verizon's erroneous excuse this time is that my IP address at DO is dynamically assigned. Not sure how to combat that other than saying, "No, it's not."

  • Same for me. My droplet is in Frankfurt, DE and verizon is saying my droplet has no rDNS and its dynamically assigned!

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Much to my surprise, several days after the previous update, Verizon updated my ticket saying they granted a whitelist. I think it might work now. (I don't use Verizon email myself)

Hi there, run into the same issue a few days ago. I have 3 DO droplets, only one of them is blocked. The blocked one is in Netherland, the other two are in different data centers.
Any permanent solution for this issue???

Have the same issue with my two DO servers that do not send spam and are well secured. They show in no public black list but I found out they were blacklisted internally by a number of American ISP and Verizon refuses to remove them.

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