Problems with Ubuntu and Sentora configuration

February 17, 2015 3.2k views

Hi. I'm quite new in VPS and Ubuntu environment. I want to move my 4 wordpress websites to DO, but I have a few problems I couldn't manage to find any solution. But first, here's what I did so far:

  1. I've created a $5 droplet with Ubuntu 14.04 x64, then used Putty to login as root to change the password I've got on my email.
  2. Then I've installed Santora panel and after the installation, I've logged in to the panel and added my four domains (with new home directory).
  3. I've used Filezilla to establish SFTP connection as root user to my server, then I pasted my first website files to /var/sentora/hostdata/domain1/public_html/
  4. In Digital Ocean panel / DNS I've added my domain1, then I changed ns addresses at ovh.com (my domain register).
  5. Then in Sentora panel I've created database and user, imported DB backup, changed a few things in wp-config, and about 1 hour later my first website was running. Great :)
  6. In the meantime I also created FTP account in Santora panel to upload rest of my websites as 'normal' user, not root.
  7. Then I've decided to follow the Tutorials. Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 14.04 and Additional Recommended Steps for New Ubuntu 14.04 Servers to be exact.

And now the part I couldn't manage. Since I created a new user, gave him a Public Key Authentication, and Restricted Root Login, I can establish the Filezilla connection only as my new user. That is working fine. But when I want to access /var/sentora/hostdata/ I have following error: Directory /var/sentora/hostdata: permission denied. So now I can't upload my other websites.

I wrote above that I've created FTP account in Sentora panel. That's right, but I can't login using the login and password I've set up. It keeps asking me for the password. I type the one I've set up in Sentora, but the Filezilla not connecting me.

I'm sure there is an easy way to solve those problems, but I could find it :( Can anyone help me?

  • Sentora seems to use proftpd running on port 21 for its FTP connections. If you set up a firewall when following those tutorials that you open the needed ports in order to allow access.

  • @asb, you were right. Port 21 was blocked. I've unlocked it but nothing has changed. I still have "530 Login Incorrect" error. I tried creating new ftp user, but nothing has changed.

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