Prometheus on ubuntu 16.04

February 28, 2017 5.1k views
Monitoring Ubuntu 16.04

I downloaded prometheus and nodeexporter from the prometheus website. Simply download and extract the files.
On my server i opened up the ports: 9090 and 9100. After that i run both the prometheus and the node
Exporter service. So they are listening on the ports, I checked this with "ss -tlnp"
If i try to connect to these ports with the webbrowser, i get a connection timed-out error.

If I try this with vagrant and VM's then prometheus works. But i want to make it work on my digital ocean server.

Anybody who might know the problem?

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You may want to take a look at the step-by-step guide provided by DigitalOcean at the URL below.

Although it was written for 14.04, it should work on 16.04 as well.

by Hathy A
Prometheus is an open source monitoring system which stores all its data in a time series database and offers a multi-dimensional data-model and a powerful query language. The Prometheus project also includes PromDash (a browser-based tool that can be used to develop custom dashboards) and an experimental AlertManager capable of sending alerts via e-mail. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install, configure, and use the Prometheus Server, Node Exporter, and PromDash.
  • Already tried that guide. I can install prometheus or node exporter or grafana and run it.
    Sudo ss -tlnp says the service listening on port 9090, 9100 and 3000. I adjust my firewall with "ufw allow 9090" But if i try to connect with browser i get connection timed out.

    I am able to see the prometheus page using the links command.

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