Promo code (from github) for new customers

October 8, 2014 22.9k views

I received a promo code (Simple cloud hosting, built for developers

DETAILS: $100 in platform credits) from github education package (https://education.github.com/pack/offers#digitalocean), but I cannott put it into my DigitalOcean account somehow. Webpage can't remember my promo code and there is no "save" button.

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Please open a support ticket about this.

Remember that you do need to be a student with a valid github account that has participated in this promotion, as well.

Everything worked for me when I signed up under my Student account. Note that I believe it uses AJAX and automatically submits when you enter your code. If it is giving you that error, everything went by fine. You should have received an email with credits awarded. I did need a card to activate my account;

You should have valid github account and you should have your university/college card for that offer. In order to apply the coupon successfully you should search your query in Google. I just find few sites;


Read them carefully and follow the instruction given over there. Hope it will help you.

There are also some other website which could provide coupon codes, such as https://www.couponbirds.com/

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