Promo Code is not a Promo Code at all

March 11, 2014 3k views
After reactivate my account, I added the promo code $50 dollar, my credit was not $50 dollar but $19 dollar, no idea why. My profile was on hold for verfied, so I wait. Later I get a message that they had problems with my credit card. Checking my credit card, Digital Ocean was trying to write $19 dollar from my credit card. Uhm what is this ? and a promo means a promo after all the promo code is not a promo code at all but simply the fact that Digital Ocean is trying to get money from your credit card for no reason, I didn't even create a droplet.
2 Answers
Be careful with Digital Ocean, Digital Ocean is just New but I don't trust them at all, taking money from your credit card after add a promo code is just a shame.

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