Proxy pass and Nginx

January 29, 2014 3.8k views
I just installed an application in the subfolder of a WordPress-powered site that's running on Nginx. By default, the application is accessible by appending a port number to the url, like The aim is to make the application accessible from Looking for tips on how to use Nginx's proxy pass to make this happen. So far, my attempts have not worked.
2 Answers
Is there anything stopping you from hosting it on a subdomain? It's easier to configure nginx that way. (e.g.
Yep, I know it's easier setting up a subdomain for it. I've done it several times. But for SEO reasons, I'm opting to host the app in a subfolder.

I've actually figured it out, it's just that the app is at a development stage where it cannot be installed in a subfolder.
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