PTR record with no managed DNS?

September 4, 2014 5.5k views

I have DNS managed offsite with an A record pointing to my DO droplet. I've named my droplet the FQDN I'd like ( Should this setup result in my PTR record resolving correctly?

I must be doing something wrong because diging results in status: NXDOMAIN.

PTR records escape me a bit but, so I'm clear: as the owner of the IP, DO is ultimately responsible for setting this record, right? I'm not barking up the wrong tree, am I?

EDIT: Colleague stopped by and pointed out the TTL according to the SOA record is a full day. I created the instance about a day ago and renamed it within a day—possible that it just hasn't propagated yet?

2 Answers

Yes the PTR record is set by DO. It is the name of your droplet. . Once the change is made it will take several hours to propagate out.

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