PunBB old forum, add replies and new posts is so slow

April 7, 2016 2.1k views

Hello all, anyone of you Know PunnBB forum script? It’s old project working with php and mysql, although project was semi-abbandoned, lots of community run discussion board with it, i m one of that.

But i have an issue with it. the addition of new posts and replies is really slow, and i dont know the reason. someone experienced it?

2 Answers

Hello Stew, first determine if the problem is related to the network or if it is due to software on the droplet itself (such as a database server problem).

A quick way to get the network discarded is to check a dummy/test website on the same droplet and check if there is too much latency when measuring response time.

A good read: websiteoptimization.(com)/speed/tweak/time-to-first-byte/

  • i think problem its due to software because i use same script on 2 host and the problems its the same

Problem solved, thank you, it’s just cookie issues XD

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