pushed new code to server, changes not shown

June 28, 2013 3.1k views
I have a Rails app running on Digital Ocean. I made some changes to it (added a link) and redeployed, however the new link isn't showing in the app. I checked the code on the droplet and the new link is definitely in the code. Furthermore, I checked the app in a new browser so it's not a cache issue. So I'm wondering if I need to restart the server on the droplet to have it reflect the changes I'm using ubuntu with unicorn and nginx. When I did a new deploy it gave (in part) this output * 2013-06-28 14:47:28 executing `deploy:start' * executing "/etc/init.d/unicorn_qbruby2 start" servers: ["198.xxx.xxx.xxx"] [198.xxx.xxx.xxx] executing command ** [out :: 198.xxx.xxx.xxx] Already running ** [out :: 198.xxx.xxx.xxx] command finished in 150ms I'm wondering if the fact that it's 'already running' is a clue to something? Anyways, can you help?
1 Answer
figured it out. I think I was running cap deploy:cold to push subsequent changes instead of just cap deploy
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