PuTTY is showing blank screen when I try to login (SSH)

July 7, 2015 27.3k views
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Hi, for the past couple days, I’ve been running a tf2 server for my friends and I-yesterday, I was setting up the server.cfg files when PuTTY became unreponsive, and so I exited the session thinking to relaunch the program. However, when I relaunched PuTTY and entered the ip(I have triple checked that I am entering the right IP), PuTTY just gives me a blank screen with a green cursor, and no login prompt. Any help as to why it is doing this?

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While I cannot tell you exactly why PuTTY is behaving in this way I would recommend trying to log in via the console in the control panel. This will allow you to log in and you can try restarting your ssh service by running:

service ssh restart

You can also review your logs in /var/log in case an error is recorded regarding your login attempts.

If you are unable to access your droplet via the console as well I would recommend performing a reboot. If after this you still find your droplet inaccessible you can open a support ticket and our team can assist you further.

  • Console loads and the VNC connection is successful, but I can’t seem to type anything into the console. What should I try?

    Also, leaving the PuTTY console open for a period of time results in the error message “PuTTY Network Error: Software caused connection abort.”

  • In that case I would recommend trying a reboot or opening a support ticket.

Try downloading latest Unix exe file from internet. It will work fine

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