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December 2, 2016 1.2k views
DigitalOcean Deployment Configuration Management Debian

I have recently ordered an droplet with Debian 8 and got slightly confused while performing initial configuration of it. Previously I'm used to that if I order a VPS I'm getting moslty prepared server, but this time I have to do too much a lot of steps to make it ready:

  1. Change "PermitRootLogin" to "no" and "PasswordAuthentication" to "no" (I think this should be default on servers)
  2. Remove exim4 service and other exim4 packages like exim4-config
  3. Remove rpcbind and rpc.stats services and libtirpc1 package
  4. Remove libevent-2.0-5, libnfsidmap2
  5. OMG, remove mounting /dev/sr0 to /media/cdrom0 in /etc/fstab

I really feeling that this is the desktop image. Why do somebody would need a desktop on a VPS? Or it is because Debian doesn't have distinct Desktop and Server images like for example Ubuntu does?

1 Answer

I believe that it's likely the latter. These are good pieces of feedback. There was discussion of #1 being a global change to images (when an ssh-key is used) internally but before that can be done we have quite a few pieces of documentation to update. I've shared this question with the lead on our images team.

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