Questions about DO Spaces

August 24, 2019 173 views
DigitalOcean CentOS

Is there a way to monitor the outbound transfer usage (for a given month)for Digital Ocean Spaces storage? In the billing section I can see only droplet’s outbound bandwidth transfer usage, but I couldn’t find it for Spaces.

Secondly in spaces, is there a limit for how many users can download static files from my space account simultaneously? I am not too bothered about exceeding my 1TB transfer limit, but I am concerned about the visitors of my site and app being able to download all image and video contents at their fully available download capacity.

Note: currently for one of the sites I maintain, we get around 1500-2000 visitors per second at the peak time. Will spaces be able to deliver videos and images successfully? Most of my videos are about 5-15 Mb size and images are about 50 Kb to 2 MB size.

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