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Posted August 24, 2019 1.7k views

Is there a way to monitor the outbound transfer usage (for a given month)for Digital Ocean Spaces storage? In the billing section I can see only droplet’s outbound bandwidth transfer usage, but I couldn’t find it for Spaces.

Secondly in spaces, is there a limit for how many users can download static files from my space account simultaneously? I am not too bothered about exceeding my 1TB transfer limit, but I am concerned about the visitors of my site and app being able to download all image and video contents at their fully available download capacity.

Note: currently for one of the sites I maintain, we get around 1500-2000 visitors per second at the peak time. Will spaces be able to deliver videos and images successfully? Most of my videos are about 5-15 Mb size and images are about 50 Kb to 2 MB size.

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Hello, @ksk007255

You can probably ask Digital Ocean support team about the monitoring of the outbound transfer usage on the Spaces. It’s really easy to monitor this on a droplet, but not sure about the spaces.

I don’t think there is a limit for how many users can download static files from the spaces. As you mentioned the 1TB limit should be enough. The download capacity may be different depending from the number of simultaneous connection, but I have never experienced issue with it. This is something you can ask DO as well.

Looking at the information provided from you, the number of visitors per second is quite big and because of that you should probably consult with the Digital Ocean team in order to receive a solid answer, because I’m sure you want to have a perfect performance with that many visitors.

Let us know how it goes.

  • Thanks for your reply. Yes I have already communicated with DO team regarding this issue, they have said that they support maximum 200 concurrent downloads for Spaces. They have suggested me to either increase the number of spaces instances or implement CDN or both. Increasing spaces instance can be a bit tricky because our contents are uploaded dynamically from one of our own web consoles. So we can dynamically choose to upload files on difference Spaces instances in round robin fashion. But the problem is not all our videos have equal demand and some videos are viewed more frequently than others, but there’s no way to accurately predict which videos are gonna be high in demand. One solution is to upload same video file to all instances and keep the links in a DB field. Then we can let the frontend website/app to randomly play them out. This way the loads will be distributed properly. That’s a lot of task but doable. Let me know if you have any better ideas.

    Currently we are serving everything from Amazon cloudfront CDN which is linked to my DO droplet. This is rather costly. That’s why we are thinking to move to a cheaper yet reliable service.