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I have one route in my Rails 4 application that is no longer working. It works in my development environment and use to work in my production environment but no longer does.

The error looks like:

ActionView::Template::Error (No route matches {:action=>"profile", :controller=>"business"}):

It occurs in my business/profile view on this line, which use to work.

<%=link_to, {:controller => 'business', :action => 'profile' },  :id => dba.site_link, :uid => dba.unique_id, :class => "blue-orange-link", :target => "_blank"%>

By the way, I’ve moved the “}” to follow “:uid=>dba.unique_id” as well and that didn’t resolve the issue.

I raked my routes and it does display route.

get '/business/profile/:id/:uid'   => 'business#profile'

I’ve searched and can’t find anything similar to my issue. Typically the answers involved making sure the route was defined, which isn’t my problem. I downloaded my app from my server just to search it to ensure there were no naming conflicts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • I have run across this as well when a user has used a forward slash '/' in the text for a permalink field.

    By moving the end brace '}' after the :id => dba.site_link in the first fix it became part of the url hash. The :uid => dba.unique_id was in the html_options hash so you would not have the :uid value in the url.

    By moving the curly brace ' } ' after the :uid => dba.unique_id you had all of the parameters for the full URL.

    link_to signature:
    options is the URL options.

    link_to(name = nil, options = nil, html_options = nil, &block)

    Handy link_to signatures (Rails v4.2.1) from


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UPDATE: PROBLEM SOLVED. Moved the “}” after the parameters in the link and things began working again. It isn’t clear why it stopped working and started working again but here is the change.

<%=link_to, {:controller => 'business', :action => 'profile' ,  :id => dba.site_link, :uid => dba.unique_id}, :class => "blue-orange-link", :target => "_blank"%>