Rails Unicorn + Nginx image Question

June 30, 2013 7.1k views
I'm using the DigitalOcean Rails pre-configured image. I'm trying to change the default rails application from /home/rails to /home/app/demo/current . In my /home/unicorn/unicorn.conf file, I changed the working directory to reflect 'home/app/ricks/current' . I also changed my /etc/default/unicorn APP_ROOT to reflect /home/app/demo/current I then restarted nginx by stopping and then reloading it. I also restarted my droplet. For some reason, when I navigate over to my droplet's assigned IP address, I still see the default 'Welcome to Rails' page that came with the droplet, instead of my application which resides in /home/app/demo/current Can you please explain to me what I am doing wrong or what I need to do in order to get my application to show up?
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Did you edit nginx's config to point to /home/app/demo/current as well?

It's in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
Change Ruby on Rails Application

Modify Configuration in Unicorn

/home/unicorn - > unicorn.confg

user "rails"
working_directory "/home/rails"



I had to reboot the droplet to get the changes to show - is there a way just to restart Unicorn?
@ashortt: Yes,

sudo service unicorn restart
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