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Posted February 1, 2018 3k views
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Hi, would have created a support case for this but the SSO gives me an error message !
If I want to use a droplet from the new plans (e.g. 1GB/25GBSSD) what do I specify in my docker-machine/rancher command in terms of –digitalocean-size parameter ?

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To use the 1GB/25GB SSD Standard Droplet, the value for the --digitalocean-size parameter is s-1vcpu-1gb. To quote myself from our API changelog:

Size slugs are human-readable strings used to specify the type of Droplet in certain API requests. In the past, size slugs were typically based on the amount of RAM provided with the plan (e.g. 1gb). Moving forward, we are standardizing on a format comprised of the identifier for the Droplet’s class, the vCPU count, and the amount of RAM in order to provide more flexibility in the plans we are able to offer you. For example, our new $5 per month Standard Droplet comes with 1 vCPU and 1 GB of RAM. So its size slug is: s-1vcpu-1gb

Using the doctl command line tool, you can list all the available size slugs and the accompanying plan information with:

  • doctl compute size ls
by Marko Mudrinić
DigitalOcean's web based control panel provides a convenient, point-and-click interface for managing Droplets. There are many times, however, when a command-line tool may be a preferable alternative. doctl, the official DigitalOcean command-line client, leverages the DigitalOcean API to provide access to most account and Droplet features.

Thanks @asb this worked nicely ! The URL you are referring to is internal though (to you guys) so I cannot open it unfortunately. Are there somewhere more docs e.g. explaining digitalocean-ssh-key-path so I can set the right key when creating the droplet through docker-machine/rancher ?

  • Ops! Here’s the correct link:

    Re: --digitalocean-ssh-key-path - By default, docker-machine will create a new SSH key for connecting with the Droplet that is created. If you pass --digitalocean-ssh-key-fingerprint with the fingerprint of an SSH key already on your DigitalOcean account, it will uses that instead. If your local key is stored in the default location (~/.ssh/ then also passing --digitalocean-ssh-key-path is unnecessary. If you store it somewhere else, docker-machine needs to know. So you can use --digitalocean-ssh-key-path to tell it.

    A full invocation might look like:

    docker-machine create --driver digitalocean \
        --digitalocean-ssh-key-path ~/custom/path/ \
        --digitalocean-ssh-key-fingerprint '63:e4:a0:g7:ff:82:e3:ea:4b:c4:6f:b9:37:93:0d:a1' \
        --digitalocean-access-token $DO_TOKEN \