Re-imaging the operating system

May 8, 2013 13k views
After I created my vps I can replace the operating system with another?
7 Answers
Currently this is possible only through the API using the Rebuild event and then passing it the image_id of any valid image, including base OS images, and your snapshots.

You can also do this through the new control panel which is available at:

We will be rolling out this new control panel hopefully on Friday->Monday and then this feature will be easier to access.
@kbaylog: The "new control panel" was released a few months ago and is the control panel you're accessing now through :]
Can someone describe how this is done via the Control Panel? Do I need to first delete my current droplet, and then create a new one? How does the billing on this work, will I get billed another $5 in doing this?
@bradleybossard: Rebuilding your droplet does not cost you anything. You can switch the OS (your data will be wiped) any time you like from the Destroy -> Rebuild section.
So, how to change OS but without deleting my current droplet?
@Marga: See my comment right above yours.
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