Rebooting my Droplet Crashed Rails

June 19, 2019 464 views
Ruby on Rails Ubuntu

I needed to reboot my droplet to in order to add a new SSH key to access the console via my macbook terminal. It worked but it appears it has crashed rails.

In the nginx error log I see this

to unix:/tmp/unicorn.dropletname.sock failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting to upstream, 

What should I do for this?

1 Answer

I believe that you should not place sockets intended for interprocess communication in /tmp.

Try changing the configuration file and point it to a folder different from the /tmp folder for the socket.

Hope that this helps.

  • Hi bobbyilieve. Thanks for the response.

    I actually am new to working on this project. I did nothing to any of the current files on the server. I simply hit the reboot droplet button on the control panel and now it cannot find the original socket.

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