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Posted January 31, 2013 16.9k views
Is there a difference to rebuild vs restore functionality? They both seem to take a droplet image.

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The rebuild takes the droplet back to the original. The restore allows you to revert to a previous snapshot or backup that was made on that droplet.
From the API point of view, they both require an image_id. It seems that they would both revert to a snapshot. So is there any difference at the api level?
On the backend is the same, just a difference on how its laid out on the front-end in terms of UX
Okay good to know. I'll just code on my end to use restore and ignore rebuild.
Thanks for this, I temporarily powered down my VPS and a week later powered it back up after I found a tech but all SSH logins were disabled and reset didn't work... I saw these two rebuild and restore options and didn't know which to pick.. but because I didn't make a snapshot I will have to use rebuild, thanks for the info!

I thought that a rebuild would erase all of the data on the droplet and set back to the original creation image. I just did this, selecting “Rebuild from original” and everything is still there. Do I have to chose an image from the list. I want to start my droplet over but not destroy it.

Rebuild From Original : Loads the image that server first build from. (Also it writes on end of your server description. Your image selection is not important with that option.)

Rebuild From Image : Rebuild server from your selected image.

I received a snapshot/image from a colleague; how do I apply it to a fresh droplet to bring it back to life? I cannot see it in the image selection dialog (could this be because I started migrating the image to Frankfurt first, and do not know if it’s finished yet?)?

I thought it’d be pretty easy to spin up an image but I’m just not seeing a useful option saying “revive image/snapshot”. :)

  • @cathalgarvey

    When you receive a snapshot from someone, you should see it first in images section. If it is not there, then the image has not been successfully transferred.

    If it is there, then go to Create Droplet and at the last option, selection Snapshot Tab. There you can select your image. Remeber not to get disguised by the default Applications tab.

    Hope this helps!