Receiving api calls into droplet

October 26, 2018 409 views
Ubuntu 16.04 API

I have a docker container/image running, on my local machine, this works fine, when starting it up on my droplet I don’t receive the callback I normally receive. It’s a Twitch callback, it goes in two parts, I make a call, which is logging out to say I made the call to them successfully, but I don’t receive the callback from Twitch into my container.

Twitch call me back at an address like this:
The docker-compose file has a port mapping of 4001:4001 (the app starts up on 4001)

but that doesn’t seem to come through, I tried temporarily disabling my firewall as well, no luck.

Any ideas for how to receive calls into the droplet, are there any specific setup needed before i can do this?

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It looks like you need to start up the container on port 80:4001.

Either that or change the callback address to

  • thanks, it’s working now, needed to do both of those.

    • Now that you have port 80:4001, 4001 should not be accessible outside the container anymore. Your callback should only be available at port 80.

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