Recommended Droplet Size for ParseServer

Posted October 7, 2016 2k views

Hello, I am transferring all my apps from Parse ( over to VPS servers (droplets). I need to know the best configuration to choose. I have looked at over hosts like VPSDime (, they are very reliable, very cheap, and have way better specs for the price then DigitalOcean. HOWEVER.... I would be more than happy to host on DigitalOcean. It is very user friendly, amazing support pages, easy configurations and all that good stuff.

I am using the $5 plan on to applications I have for clients right now. That is fine. They are mainly 100 users, not very active, (a robotics team, and a college music program). However, I am working on an app for the high school I attend and will have at least 500 users.

How much RAM will I need. Im not worried about transfer or disk size. I will be using Ubuntu 16.04.


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The best way to determine this is with real world testing. First find out what the baseline is (what your existing app uses with no users online) and then under load. That difference should allow you to get an idea of the load put on your server for each user it is serving. With this is would be possible to do a rough calculation of the RAM needed to support your planned app.

Otherwise, off the top of my head and based on what you’re currently running I would recommend starting with the 1GB droplet size ($10) and monitor it’s resource usage. If you find you need to upgrade you can resize your droplet from the control panel to a larger size.

A few tools that will come in handy:

top - shows running processes on your server and their resource usage along with the current overall load. (you can exit top with ctrl+c)

free -m - give you an overview of your available/used memory.