Recommended plan for a REST API with Spring, MySql, and Tomcat?

February 24, 2017 3.3k views
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I want to make one or more REST API services with Spring, MySql, and Tomcat.
What would be the recommended plan be? Expecting very little traffic.

I noticed that the 5$ plan had some troubles keeping up with only me querying the service.

And if I would like to deploy more than one REST API, all with little to no traffic. Is it recommended to use a different plan for every REST API? Or can I put them all in the same Tomcat Java Servlet Container, using one plan?

What would be the minimum requirement/plan for running Tomcat, Spring, and MySql smoothly?

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There’s not a hard-set limit on the number of API’s or services you can run on a single Droplet, it’s all dependent on how you set things up – or how you want to set them up.

If you’re running Tomcat, Spring, and MySQL/MariaDB/Percona, I’d start with at least 1GB RAM, even if there will be very little traffic. If you plan on handling multiple API’s, a single 2GB may be better.

In my experience, the 512MB Droplets (or 512MB VPS’s in general) are really better for single services, so if you want to run a small database server, a small NGINX instance, etc. If you need to handle multiple services well enough, 1GB-2GB is more ideal.

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