Recover my last data ?

October 7, 2016 1.4k views
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My offer ended in the middle of Tuesday and I forget to save my last data.
I read than we got three days after to recover them, it is possible ?


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If you ran out of DigitalOcean credits or credit card charge you probably received 'Server Termination Urgent' and your account got suspended.

In that case you have 14 days to contact DigitalOcean support for account unlock. After they unlocked your account, you can pay outstanding balance and take your data.
Keep in mind, if you don't contact DigitalOcean Support within 14 days from suspension, all your Droplets and data will be purged and you will not be able to recover them!

You can learn more about billing process at DigitalOcean FAQ. Make sure you take a look on 'What is outstanding balance?'.

Contact DigitalOcean support here

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