Recovering Deleted/Purged Droplet

June 22, 2017 6.8k views
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Digital Ocean “accidentally” purged my Droplet. It quite frustrating that I can’t simply pick up the phone to call someone to resolve this, but I guess this is part of their low cost strategy. I’m patiently waiting for a reply from tech support but thought I’ll drop a message here in case someone went through this ordeal.

If anyone from Digital Ocean can help, please let me know! Your team is offering a refund but that’s not what we’re after. We simply want our data back.


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Restore from your remote backups. DigitalOcean is not responsible for your data when you don’t pay.

Hi @bunjee

If snapshots or backups were generated on your account, they can be used to recover data from the point in time they were generated, though without snapshots or backups, recovery would not be possible as we do not maintain individual backups for customers.

Customers can generate live snapshots on the fly anytime by clicking the name of the Droplet, followed by Snapshots from the left menu, and then Create Live Snapshot, though backups would need to be enabled at the time the Droplet is deployed.

I know that this isn’t a huge help given the size of the issue, though I mention it as backup strategy is always important and should be something that anyone should factor in when running their own web server(s).

Even the most reliable providers run in to issues and things do happen from time to time. I’ve seen numerous issues over the last 10-15 years, many far worse – though I can understand how it’d be hard to imagine.

We are doing the best we can as quickly as possible. In cases where customers do have snapshots or backups, we’ll be more than happy to guide them through the process of restoring them.

In cases where customers do not have backups or snapshots, unfortunately, we don’t have an option to pull down data as it’s not physically possible. Much like how if a customer accidentally deleted their own Droplet, we wouldn’t be able to restore without a snapshot or backup in place, though they would have had to of generated that snapshot or enabled backups on the Droplet for us to do that.

That being said, we are a self-managed provider, which does mean the user is responsible for their hosted data, including backups and recovery – we’re available to help, and even recommend alternative options for data backup (I’ve made recommendations to numerous customers already), though we’re not a fully managed provider that handles everything top to bottom – we provide the services to allow customers to freely design and develop solutions and ultimately, it is up to them how they set things up and manage their deployments.

Please don’t take that as me passing the blame, as that is certainly not what I am doing nor what I intend by the above statement (which is my own), just to be clear.

  • Now that I have repaid my debts (I could not pay because DO wouldn’t load on my old system’s browser (Safari) and lost my files forever. This is not a fair approach. I also created snapshots, but the snapshots are also gone. You can check out my account to confirm that. In fact, it was one of the first things to be deleted. After just a month (less actually).

    This is not fair!!!!!!!!

I’m wating too Neil!

Refund is a joking…

I was hospitilized for 21 days and next day after I discharged I wake up to this.

If you dont have no earlier snapshots to restore from, your data and work is lost forever.
I have restored from a 5 month old snapshot. This was my personal droplet and data was static so very little data lost but DO lost me and people I have brought with me over years as a customers forever.

I have taken my data out, and as soon as I set them up at another provider I am gone with all of my other accounts and droplets.

my question is that if we the customer will not pay due the admin have rights to power off but not destroy the droplet as if that customer have requirement of those files then he should have to pay and recover his file..its not fair that admin destroyed the droplet…same is happening with me and waiting for reply..i need my files back and also paid past dues

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