Recovering Files from a Compromised Droplet

August 18, 2016 2.2k views
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How to dissolve our problem.

Currently, I temporary move every domain to other hosting. Can I download html and php file from droplet is compromised for checking content? no need database.

After that we will create new droplet from snapshot 7 month ago, How to disable root access from outside? Should be enable only on Console.

1 Answer

Please open a ticket with our support team or reach out to them on the ticket already open for this issue. Our team can boot your droplet to a recovery ISO. This is a Debian based LiveCD environment which will allow you to mount your disk image and set up an SFTP service to retrieve your files.

by Ryan Quinn
This tutorial explains how to recover files from your Droplet after an attack. Let's say that someone has gained access to your Droplet and launched an attack. Nobody wants to be in this situation. But, by using the recovery environment, you can quickly transfer your...
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