Redirect https www subdomain to https non-www subdomain

June 27, 2017 2.3k views
Nginx Ubuntu CentOS

Hey all,

I have a problem with redirect on my nginx server.

I have bought a wildcard ssl for my domain (

My problem is with a redirection from to .

Does someone have an idea how this can be accomplished ?


  • Assuming the cert is for * or *, the problem would be in your redirect rule. Include the relevant block from your nginx config. You're also vague about what the actual problem is: is it not redirecting? Is the cert showing as invalid? Invalid on both, or only one? Invalid only after redirect?

  • The cert is for *.

    When visiting everything is good. When visiting it with I got invalid certificate error before redirect.

1 Answer

Hi @atanaskrangov

You certificate is only valid for * not * You need to buy another certificate for sub-sub domains - or use the free Let's Encrypt in that case.

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